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Women's Integrative Health and Wellness helps women achieve wellness.

I help you find the root causes of hormonal imbalance and fatigue that are causing you to struggle in your life with emotional ups and downs, menstrual issues, and lack of energy needed to maintain relationships, kids, and work demands.

Women's Integrative Health and Wellness is an online practice ran by a board certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. Our goal is to help women achieve wellness using a functional medicine approach. Focusing on root causes and correcting imbalances allows us to truly achieve wellness and find balance in our lives.

At Women's Integrative Health and Wellness, we are here to help coach and guide you through the process to a happier, healthier you.

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Women's Integrative Health and Wellness provides women with high quality, personalized evaluation and treatment plans.

Currently offering 2 programs, hormone balancing and fatigue/brain fog.

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These are cash based programs allowing us to accomplish much more than the typical time based, appointment to appointment scheduling permits.  This design is ideal for truly getting results, encompassing months of treatment and 24/7 access to support you, and coaching along the way to help you through your journey. 
We believe in keeping women healthy, and we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients. Our goal is finding the root causes rather than treating symptoms alone.
Let us provide you with the personalized care you deserve.

Overcome fatigue and brain fog with this personalized program to help you identify your individual causes with personalized lab testing and creating a plan, made specifically for you, to move you toward wellness . We will strive to resolve your symptoms and heal your body all at the same time!

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Current Programs

Hormone Balancing

Overcome fatigue, and regain energy and clarity in your life

Balance your hormones with a personalized program that will identify the root causes of YOUR hormone imbalance. We will create a treatment plan for you to follow to help correct the imbalance and return your body to a state of wellness, allowing you to optimize your life! 

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Our bodies could be treating a Western Diet like it was a dangerous infection

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