About Me

As a WHNP, I focus on preventative care and helping women prevent illness. In the conventional medicine model, this has become more difficult to do for women who are struggling with chronic and vague symptoms. Conventional medicine works wonders for many acute illnesses, but often has little to offer patients with more chronic issues. As a WHNP in a conventional medicine practice, I became discouraged by not being able to help this group of women with very common chronic complaints. I suffered with some of these same complaints and as a patient I was frustrated with not getting answers. In my research for my own answers, I came across functional medicine. The functional medicine model focuses on the underlying root causes, in order to truly correct the issue that is triggering the symptoms. This journey has led me to create my own functional medicine practice, which allows me to work with women to correct the underlying causes from multiple body systems and achieve wellness. This journey has reignited my passion for what I do, and I am really excited to guide women on their own journeys to health and wellness.


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