Check Engine Light

Your body is a lot like a car. You have multiple systems that work together to drive you. So what happens when you see the check engine light come on in your car??? You panic and take it to the mechanic right away! Often times the light comes on for simple reasons, like a sensor that is going out, and if we correct the sensor early on no further damage occurs. If you leave the sensor and ignore the check engine light, other systems in your car are stressed out and begin to have problems. Ignoring the symptoms leads to worsening damage.

Your symptoms are like the sensor going out, and the check engine light turning on. Don't ignore the symptoms or you may end up with a devastating disease process. Take yourself to the doctor and get to the root cause to prevent worsening conditions.

Fatigue, stress, brain fog, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, PMS, bleeding issues, etc. can all be your "check engine" light warning you!!

If you ignore the symptoms, your body will continue to suffer and disease processes will progress and eventually reach a point where we cannot reverse them.

Don't ignore your health!!!

IT'S TIME to take charge of your health and make the changes needed to prevent or reverse disease processes occurring in your body!

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