Integrative Health and Wellness...My story

I've worked in busy gynecology practices and over the years I've seen a pattern of women struggling with fatigue, memory, and concentration issues. They describe it as a brain fog feeling. Many times these patients experience weight gain and depression. They have seen many providers and just haven't been able to get answers. They haven't been able to find any relief for their symptoms. It's really frustrating for them. 

In the conventional medicine model, if their labs are normal, there's very little we can offer these women who are suffering from symptoms. Sometimes birth control or antidepressants are prescribed to help with the symptoms, but those are just Band-Aids. They're just masking the symptoms. Basically, as soon as the woman stops taking the medicine the symptoms come right back. It's not fixing the underlying cause. 

As a practitioner, it was discouraging because these women would come in and I wasn't able to help them. I became a nurse practitioner to help women have a good quality of life and prevent illness and diseases. As a patient, I also went through a lot of similar symptoms and struggled for years with fatigue. I, too, saw many providers and my labs were normal, so I was told it's normal when you're busy to feel like this. I was told to work on stress reduction and getting better sleep. While those are great tips, I was already doing this.

Over the years I ignored my symptoms and I continued with life. I went to college, got married, and I had kids. After I had my family, it became more difficult to ignore the symptoms. I was struggling to find the energy to play with my kids and even to read to them. I was no longer willing to accept that there's nothing to help relieve those symptoms. So, I did some research on my own and came across functional medicine. It was life-changing! 

The body is an amazing system. If we give it the right foods and the right nutrients, it can heal itself. A combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes can heal our bodies. I feel so much better and I've got the energy to play with my kids. 

My experience reignited my passion for what I do, which is why I started Women’s Integrative Health & Wellness. I'm so excited to be able to help women who suffer from these symptoms. If any part of my story sounds like what you’re going through, please contact me to book a call - I am looking to work with committed, decisive women who are ready to get rolling on the road to better health. Let me guide you along your journey to optimum health and wellness. 


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