The Elimination Diet

In this video, I’m discussing a common diet that is often talked about - the elimination diet. Many of my patients ask me about this type of diet and if it's right for them. I know a lot of people have heard the term elimination diet, but they don't necessarily understand what that entails. Typically with this diet, we're avoiding a few groups of foods that are commonly attributed to inflammation and irritation in the gut.

The American diet, in general, does not give our bodies the nutrients that it needs. Many times we have food sensitivities that develop over time. At some point – it could even be years of eating things we are sensitive to – the gut starts to compensate and not function as well. Symptoms can develop hours or even days after you eat the food. Patients complain of GI issues as well as symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle pains, joint pains, sinus issues and other problems usually not connected to foods. By going through the elimination diet, we are eliminating the foods that are causing the inflammation, which then allows the gut to heal itself. 

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