Understanding Your Genetics

Today, let’s talk about genetics. You probably don’t think about this often, but genetics are the building blocks of who we are and they make up each individual person. Understanding that is really important on your journey towards wellness. Sometimes genetics can be scary when we think about having a family history of cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. These are all worrisome conditions and it’s important to know what types of illnesses run in your family. Your environment is a huge factor when it comes to genetics. Things like temperature, oxygen levels, light cycles, drugs, chemical reactions and chemicals that you are exposed to can all affect your genetics. These things can make genetics turn off or on making you more susceptible to illnesses.

To ensure good health, being aware of your environment and your chemical exposure is very important. Equally important is your diet and nutrition. Eating a healthy, a clean diet that is specific to your body can help maintain your health. Additionally, when needed taking supplements can keep you healthy and prevent illnesses even if you're predisposed to them based on your genetics.

Our bodies are truly amazing. Even though a certain disease might run in your family that doesn’t mean you will get. You actually do have control over your health. Prevention and evaluation of lifestyle choices include diet is the key to keeping the genetic mutations we might have at bay. If you’d like more information on how to achieve optimal wellness, please contact me at I’d love to help guide along your health journey!


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