When Exercise Makes You Feel Worse

When you’re feeling tired and run down have you ever been told that you need to exercise more? I often hear patients say they are told this. Sometimes it’s great advice and works wonders. It gets those endorphins up and makes your body feel better overall. However, other times there's too much going on in our bodies and we're too burnt out. We're too stressed out and our bodies aren't functioning well. When this is the case, increased exercise may not be the best option. 

If exercising helps you feel better, lifts your mood, and makes you more energized then keep it up. On the other hand, if exercise leaves you feeling more burnt out, tired, or your mood is worse, then maybe there's a system in your body that is out of balance.

In the past, I have felt increased fatigue from exercising. I felt completely burned out and it lasted for a good day afterward. It wasn't just immediately after. I found that often this feeling is related to an imbalance in the gut. We have to get down to a cellular level to determine what is going on within our system. With exercise, we're trying to increase our energy, but if our cellular level that produces energy isn’t working well then it's just not going to benefit us. 

We need to heal our imbalances and then add in some exercise. At that point we can start with a little bit of cardio or strength training and then slowly increase it. It's important to vary the exercise so there is a mixture of cardio and strength training. This combination will help different parts of our body. Cardio is great for our heart and our lungs and strength is good for our bones and our muscles. 

If you find that you are feeling more tired after exercising, book a call with me - I offer an individualized program that might be just right for you. Together we can work on getting your body functioning correctly so that you can reap the benefits of exercise. 


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